Would you stay with Loki or Ditch him?

Here’s are my favorite responses to the question:
If you love someone you always have their back.
True love loves you thru the big bad things that happen in life.
I would do anything in my power to save the one I love
I guess it depends on the trouble and the punishment but I mean if we’re married we have to be in love right? You’re supposed to support your spouse? Lol
If I love someone enough to marry them then I will always be by their side. I know his nature so I couldn’t abandon him because of it, I know what I’m getting.
Loyalty is all
If i married him. I knew and accepted his true nature before we wed. So for better or worse, need to stand by your man. And make life hell for those who took him from you. His wife would also have to be intelligent. Only way to keep one step ahead of him when he is being naughty. Men just think they are smarter.
Love is unwavering. It simply is.
Because everyone deserves a second chance , especially if you love someone
Love is everything, when in love you give up being selfish because you have another to care for, if I was married to Loki I wouldn’t just leave him after he got in trouble however I would expect him to learn his lesson after ?
With his mischief, I think he would be fun to be around
Love is love, you can’t go back on your love even when they are in trouble .
Better the devil you know than to end off with someone who could be much worse, besides who doesn’t love the god of mischief.
Because If you really love someone you would do what ever you could to ease their pain. Even if it meant getting hurt yourself.
I’d tease him tantalize and titillate him then set him up for a fall and run like the wind before he could catch me up.
Love should be unconditional. So no matter what I would stand by him.
I dont also want to be stuck miserable for eternity just because i love someone. They also shouldnt expect me to. Like if you love someone you shouldn’t want them to be miserable. Plus someone has to figure out how to get him out!
Love is eternal
He’s my love would stand by him no matter what greatest love r ever I also live your books read them all II over and over
I am a ride or die kind of wife. A vowel of love is eternal unless trust is broken. I would definitely find a way out of his pickle though!
For better or worse.
Um….it’s Loki! Nothing is forever, including punishment, and…………he is a god!
Love him
If you love someone you don’t bail on them. Even if that means going through hell.
I wouldn’t want to be caught up in the family drama, I am just a lowly human
Once you find your soulmate, you stay regardless of the situation
Must have found something to love about him.
I would probably let him go. I wouldn’t want to spend eternity in He’ll or somewhere else not so pleasant.
I would probably be right by his side getting in trouble with him? #scorpiosun #ariesmoon
I would stay with him, because I couldn’t bear the thought of the person I loved most being in so much pain, not if there was anything I could do to help alleviate it.
??‍♀️ Love makes me loyal, even when I shouldn’t be.
I would be faithful to my mate! They are family.
Stand by the one you love. The situation will eventually change. Always be prepared
Marriage vows, to death do we part. I’d always stand by my man. ❤
He has a good heart.
I would stay for a while, but how could anyone spend a eternity holding a bowl. I must say what a wonderful story, I absolutely love it!!
Honestly, I think I relate to Sigyn. In Norse mythology, Sigyn was the wife of Loki and goddess of loyalty, faithfulness, and compassion. Those are the traits that I possess as well (well, except the wife part ??).
I couldn’t leave my love. I’d do just about anything except sell my soul if it would end his eternal suffering. Marriage is forever, not just thru the good & healthy times! 🙂
I stay with him because when you love somebody and you marry them you become one

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